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Pokemon Is Like Final Expense Insurance

What is this thing called Final Expense Insurance? Maybe you've received mail that says "Final Expense Life Insurance For Seniors" with a picture of a smiling, former game show host. Before you begin to search for final expense life insurance quotes, read this.

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"While standing in line at the post office this afternoon, I attempted to strike up a conversation with a gentleman standing behind me, who looked to be in his early 50's. Since I had been studying final expense whole life insurance all week, I tried to find out what his thoughts were on the subject. ""Do you know much about Final Expense insurance?"" I ask. ""Final what?"" he replies with an odd look on his face. I tried to clarify things and say, ""Final Expense whole life insurance."" Quickly, he shakes his head and says ""No."" Trying to not be a weird insurance agent, I transition to something more current. ""How about that Pokemon?"" I ask.

Final Expense whole life insurance is a type of life insurance policy specifically intended to help pay the final expenses of an individual. These expenses could included anything from doctor/hospital bills, burial & funeral expenses and other expenses associated with bereavement. Typically lower face-amount policies ($4,000 - $40,000), a final expense insurance plan will allow people choices to make plans and decisions on what is truly appropriate for their provide funding when it's needed most.

Not everyone needs this type of coverage! Many people have planned financially for their funeral and the average $7,000 funeral can be paid from savings. Other people want peace-of-mind over the costs those left behind will have to pay.

""How about that Pokemon?"" I ask. ""Poke-ee-what?"" he replied with the same odd look on his face. ""You mean that kids game from the '90's?"" was his quick reply. Not everyone knows about the latest craze overtaking the planet, or even low-cost life insurance plans made to help offset costs associated with funerals. But just because we do not know about something, doesn't mean there isn't value in it. One thing is for new friend definitely thinks I'm a weird insurance agent."


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