Death Don't Have No Mercy

Searching for health insurance quotes can be a good reason to have a relationship with an agent or broker. Your advisor can explain the various details when viewing different health insurance companies, understanding Medicare Part B, and choosng the right health insurance plans. But what about when death occurs? A loved one will have questions. So what needs to be done to cancel a health insurance policy when death occurs?

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Death Don’t Have No Mercy

What happens to your health insurance policy when you die? You probably do not care. But someone will have this question, more than likely a close family member who is also trying to locate your hidden passwords for your Netflix account, etc.

So what should they expect?

For a Medicare Supplement and other health insurance policies, a death certificate will need to be provided to cancel the plan and receive any kind of refund (for unused days of the month.) Your insurance advisor should be able to help with this, or you can always directly contact the insurance carrier directly for instructions on how to get the death certificate to them. I suggest email.

For a Medicare Advantage or Medicare Part D plan, your coverage will automatically end once the Social Security Administration communicates with CMS (Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services) …aka Medicare.

Usually a funeral home service will provide the details on death to the SSA or someone will need to contact them directly. Online at or 800-772-1213.

Funerals are sad. Being notified that a client has passed always is difficult for me. I thankfully gain strength through my faith, but this in no way takes away the pain in losing a family member or friend. Funerals and death remind me how important relationships are, and how the time we have must be impactful.

I always think of the Rev. Gary Davis’ song which says, “I said death don''t have no mercy in this land. Death will leave you standing and crying in this land.”


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