Are There Any Good Dental Plans?

"We need to check dental insurance plans!" You may have said this at one time or another, but are there really any good dental insurance? Certainly you want full dental benefits, but is there even such a thing? Here, we'll discuss this question.

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"Last night, as I was walking my dog around the block, a neighbor and I struck up a conversation. She asked me a common question: ""Are there any good dental plans?""

Dental Insurance is a type of limited-benefit insurance plan designed to cover, yes, you guessed care. But is it necessary and if so, are there any good dental plans?

Oral health is an important factor in overall health for people of all ages. The Mayo Clinic also suggests that there is a connection between oral health and overall health. So we all know that it is important to have those bi-yearly cleanings.

Dental insurance does vary, and you can get plans with low premium (covering only preventive care, like cleanings) all the way to higher premium plans (providing more extensive coverage, as you would expect). Most plans will have a network of dentists, which are often quite restrictive (I suggest asking your current dentist which carriers they accept). Most plans will cost approx $30/month, provide day 1 coverage for preventive care, and have maximum payouts (like $1000). Usually there are waiting periods for basic or major care (like root canals or crowns).

If you just get your cleanings twice a year, paying $100 each time (without insurance), $200 is less than a $30/month premium x 12 months. Also to note, dental care, while important, will not force you to file bankruptcy (like huge medical bills & health insurance).

But, if you need a motivator to force you to go to the dentist, or if you just feel more comfortable with the coverage, the plans will work. I have personally added dental coverage to motivate me to go to the dentist...and it worked.

My neighbor had a great questions. The answer is yes, as long an you understand how they work, get one your dentist accepts, and can afford the additional coverage."


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