Ask Medicare Matthew: Getting Medicare Started

3 Things They Didn't Teach Me About Medicare

Did you get set up for Medicare health insurance and are wondering if you set it up right? Are you wondering about the term 'Medicare enrollment period' and if you even need to know what this means? Do you think you automatically get Medicare when you turn 65? This quick list will identify three important points, vital for getting the right coverage for when you need it.

Healthcare Literacy

The big day has come and gone. The party is over and all you have is some funny 65th birthday t-shirts and a ‘Red, White & Blue’ Medicare card. Now it’s time to visit the beach and enjoy the upcoming years with pictures of grandchildren on Facebook and cold drinks. But are you prepared with everything you need to know concerning health insurance?

Beginning Medicare can be challenging, but with some good planning, can be something that you can put on autopilot (for the most part).

There are 3 crucial factors EVERYONE who has (or will have) Medicare, needs to know. Let’s go:

#1 Enroll at the right time. Medicare has various enrollment periods. It is vital to not miss the ones that apply to your situation.

#2 Understand the ‘roads’. There are two roads you can go down to help protect from out-of-pocket costs. Medicare Supplement w/ Part D or Medicare Advantage. Grasping the concepts of these two ‘roads’ is necessary to making the right decision.

#3 Find a trusted, independent insurance broker. A true advisor is going to help educate you on all plan options and review all major carriers to ensure you get the plan which fits your needs. In addition, an advisor will help you get on autopilot.

These 3 points are not located in the ‘Medicare & You’ booklet you receive in the mail. And while you want to get the right coverage for your budget and needs, you also want to get on autopilot. Start with these three factors, and know what they did not teach you!


Healthcare Literacy

Matthew has been passionately providing top quality guidance for health and Medicare insurance options for over 7 years. Many people call him "Medicare Matthew".