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Ask Medicare Matthew: Getting Medicare Started

3 Things They Didn't Teach Me About Medicare

Did you get set up for Medicare health insurance and are wondering if you set it up right? Are you wondering about the term 'Medicare enrollment period' and if you even need to know what this means? Do you think you automatically get Medicare when you turn 65? This quick list will identify three important points, vital for getting the right coverage for when you need it.

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What Is Health Insurance?

Has someone told you to get health insurance quotes and you don't know where to start? Has the term "health insurance plans" made you start to sweat? Start here with the basics. What is health insurance? Why do you need it? What is the health insurance marketplace?

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Death Don't Have No Mercy

Searching for health insurance quotes can be a good reason to have a relationship with an agent or broker. Your advisor can explain the various details when viewing different health insurance companies, understanding Medicare Part B, and choosng the right health insurance plans. But what about when death occurs? A loved one will have questions. So what needs to be done to cancel a health insurance policy when death occurs?

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"I've Got A Copay Plan"

Everyone knows what copays are, right? Not so fast! We want you to know the basics of your health plan. Here find out more about what copays are and how a copay-style health plan works. Get your copay definition so you can tell people about the difference between copay and coinsurance.

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